Mission Statement

Mission Statement is a bit too "corporate" for us... instead, we promise:

No Icky Marketing Tactics

We won't use scarcity marketing tactics to get you to part with your hard-earned cash. Our Salon Sessions (Breakup Boot Camp, Dating After Divorce + Slaying SIngle Mommyhood) are available when you need them. The End.

Money Back Guarantee

We believe our Salon Sessions are ahh-freaken-mazing and will completely rock your world so we offer a 7-Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. The normal digital product "rules" out there are not the boss of us.

Easy Peasy Giving Back

For every Salon Session purchased, we will gift one to our Scholarship Program that provides resources at no cost to Women who would otherwise not have access to help. You buy a Salon Session. We gift a Salon Session. 

"See a need, fill a need." - Bigweld (Robots 2005).

Hi. I'm Claire. I'm the Founder + CEO of The Uncoupled. 

For almost 20 years, I worked in and around the judicial system as a Family Law + Litigation Paralegal and Legal Assistant. After successfully navigating my own divorce, I spent 5+ years working with women one-on-one and in small groups to help them better handle their own breakups.

I saw a need for accurate, easy to understand, affordable and actionable information to help Women navigate a divorce or major breakup. The Uncoupled was born from a cheeky spirit and simple idea. "See a need, fill a need." - Bigweld (Robots 2005). Breakups suck. We help them suck less.

I'm a... Taco junkie, hopeful romantic, reluctant extrovert, comma abuser, late bloomer, dragon slayer, driving enthusiast, music schitzo, heel collector, Junior League dropout, desert dweller, vintage caftan collector, book nerd, aspiring Layaway Angel, resting b-face embracer, Drybar addict, snort laugher, day drinker, list lover, style obsessed, hokey pokey winner, galeophobic, coffee loving mug collector, AngelMamas board member, truth-bomber, do over advocate, skilled wingman, mid-century modern freak, saved sinner, fierce MamaBear, hat collector, underdog champion, true crime addict, ink collector, lion taming #girlboss, fluent in sarcasm, bad runner, good eater who laughs in the face of suggested serving sizes, fan of bearded boys in beanies, Ms. Norbury-esque pusher with occasional sailor mouth. I laugh at my own jokes.

In addition to my legal training, I'm a Certified Coach specializing in Divorce and Relationships, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and Licensed Facilitator of The Fire Starter Sessions and Desire Mapping. 

A rare Arizona native, I live in the heart of gorgeous North Scottsdale with my rescue kitty and Rockstar son, just doing my darndest to raise a young man of integrity while navigating life after death, divorce and unexpected do overs. 

Breakup Without The Bullshit