Divorce 101

What would it feel like to have happy clients who pay on time, refer their friends and RAVE about your representation? Well you can. We created Divorce 101 (an online DR course) to compliment the amazing work of Family Law Professionals.

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Sorry To Tell You...Your Clients Kinda Hate You.

But don't worry, we can fix that!

It's not your fault, it's the nature of family law. Your Clients just don't understand the process and the players. In the midst of emotion, overwhelm and frustration, all they see are bills, bills and more bills. With no immediate end in sight.

Through television and the misguided and completely inaccurate information from friends and family you're fighting an uphill battle. We feel ya. So we took everything we learned over at The Uncoupled and cracked the code to bridge the gap between Counsel and Client. 

Because our only objective is to provide tools and resources without all the legalese, we get to share best practices without what may be perceived as personal motives billed in 15-minute increments.

Divorce 101 was designed to be complimentary to the work you're already doing and meant to be an attorney companion course gifted as part of the intitial intake process.

*Divorce 101 is for Women OR Men new to the family law process.*  

Do What You Do Best. 

Research, strategy and litigation. You paid good money for that law degree, use it! 

Reduce unnecessary (non-billable) communication. 
Minimize bar complaints and disciplinary actions. Reduce billing challenges and inquiries. Reduce non-relevant inquiries, calls and emails. Free up Paralegal time to focus on billable functions. Help your client be prepared, organized, and level-headed for deposition and trial. 

Have more realistic and reasonable clients who take better direction, instruction and advice. You get focused, organized, confident and manageable clients who sing your praises!

Be A Hero.

It's no secret that Lawyers, especially Divorce Lawyers, get a bad rap. By gifting Divorce 101 to your Clients, you build trust and crush lawyer stereotypes by showing them that you view them as people, not just billable hours.

Foster goodwill and change perceptions. Show Clients that you want them healthy and whole, ready to rebuild their lives like Rockstars. 

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ps - We'll also send you our latest E-Guide, 7 Ways to Wow Your Domestic Relation Clients. 

"Let's Kill All Lawyers." - Shakespeare

Nah. We love lawyers. Keep fighting the good fight in Family Court.