Dating After Divorce

Are you scared to jump back into the dating pool? Has it been a while and you're not even sure how it's done anymore? Does the idea of putting yourself out there online and in real life just too much to consider. We gotchoo. Everything you need to know about finding love or slaying it at being single. It's up to you. Oh and you're not gonna die alone. Trust me.


Session One.

Are you ready to date? Yes, there is a correct way to know. Don't just jump into another relationship because you're afraid of being alone. 

Session Two.  

Embracing Singlehood. What went right? What went wrong? What do you really want. Take some time to do all the things. 

Session Three.

Ditch the ghosts of relationships past. Honoring, completing and grieving past relationships so they don't rear their ugly head in current relationships. 

Session Four.

So girl, whatcha looking for? What do you want? Sure, maybe you say you want a relationship... But what does that look like to you. You can't know what you're looking for if you can't get clear. This course will help you get CRYSTAL clear on objectives. 

Session Five. 

Are you datable? Woah woah before you get mad hear me out. Are you datable meaning, would you date yourself? What do you bring to the relationship? This has NOTHING to do with your weight or financial status. This is about emotional health and wholeness before looking to a Partner to fill missing pieces. Are you happy?  

Session Six.

What's the end goal? A long term relationship, unattached adult sleepovers, dating (yes, that's a thing, like you can meet interesting men and go out with them without putting an actual label to it) or marriage.

Session Seven.

Does it seem like a dating desert out there? Don't worry, it's not. You just need to know where to look and attract the right match for you. So where are all the available men?

Session Eight.

Safety and smarts. You don't need me to tell you that things have changed. How we meet and date strangers with just a swipe. I'll teach you the best ways to make sure you're safe and smart out there. 

Session Nine.

It can be a struggle to juggle dating and kiddos and all the nuances that go with it. Introductions, sleepovers, and the never ending questions. If your kiddo(s) are anything like mine... They are crazy smart and know what's up anyways. You'll learn proven methods to help with transition. 

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